Friday, February 25, 2011

Mythics: Mirrodin Besieged

   Just some quick thoughts I'm writing down in case it were to give me an idea of sorts. I'm thinking about this stuff anyways, so why don't I use it as an excuse to post, right? Heh...

Blightsteel Colussus

   At a glance, this card is an asskicker. At a closer look, it's still an asskicker. Really, this card can do wonders even on its own.

Consecrated Sphinx

   This card isn't all that great unless you were playing some sort of Spellbook/Aeon Chronicleresque deck. In that case, it's fucking gorgeous, and a brand new staple. If that's not your thing, hey, you still get a 4/6 flying, so why the hell not?

   On further thought, I just know there's a way to break this...

Glissa, the Traitor
  This... This too can be broken somehow. Off the top of my head, I can't exactly put my finger on it, but it may be a capsule or a spellbomb...

   Even without the artifact section of the ability, it's still a nice 3/3 first strike deathtoucher for a cheap cost. I'd say go for it if you roll that way.


Yup, blogger seems to be fucking up, will continue in a second post.

Sunday, January 9, 2011


Sorry bout that long, long, long absense. I kind of... drifted away from MTG.

However, good to say, VIDEO GAME reviews are likely.
Keep a look out for Fallout 3, Mass Effect 1, Mass Effect 2, and some other crap~!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Quick Deck: Vampires

After thinking about that recent post, I've decided Hey, that'd be a pretty damn sweet deck!
It's pretty much just the intro pack, but modified to be a bit more efficient.

2 Pirhana Marsh
18 Swamp

2 Mephidross Vampire
2 Child of Night
1 Deathgreeter
2 Guul Draz Vampire
1 Heartstabber Mosquito
1 Malakir Bloodwitch
2 Vampire Nighthawk
1 Vampire Nocturnus
2 Sengir Vampire

1 Sanguine Blood
1 Subversion
1 Bloodchief Ascension
1 Blood Tribute
1 Diabolic Tutor
2 Feast of Blood
1 Hideous End
1 Rise from the Grave
2 Vampires Bite

Total of 45 Cards, still small enough to be changed.

Go away, guys.

MTG Zendikar: Rise of the Vampires

Making opponents life your own.

Pros: Heavy damage and life gain. That's really all there is to say, it's just good at that, and I mean it in the good way. It's pretty basic, making it a good starting deck for fresh players.

Cons: TWILIGHT is all you are going to hear once you start using vampires. No real game effecting cons though.

Suggestions: Sanguine Bond, Subversion, and Bloodchief Ascension. Simple stuff, but contributes GREATLY. Oh, a Vampire Nocturnus or two is a simple need for any vampire deck.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Break This: Venser, the Sojourner Combos

     When I first saw this, I thought to myself "What? How is that worth the $40?"... Then I searched around and found out. His +2 ability can be used in conjunction with many, many creatures and artifacts, possibly land and enchantments. Scars of Mirrodin is full enough of possible combos.
Below are a bunch of possible breaks. Plenty of them are pieces of what could be great 3 card combos (Oh god the possibilities...), while some already hold off on there own. I'll leave the third card to you guys.
Also, I'm including the absolute "worthless" combos down here in case it may spark some creativity for you guys.

Acid Web Spider: Destroy a piece of Equipment every turn. I'd rate that a 6/10, as not much people heavily rely on Equipment.
Bleak Coven Vampires: Hot damn, gain 4 life, deal 4 damage every turn? Pretty sweet. 8/10
Contagion Engine:
Now THIS is where shit can shine. It's like an ongoing and worsening plague. Every turn, each creature of your targeted player get's -1/-1, or a great -3/-3 if you use Contagian Engine's ability every time. Opponents will have the jolliest of times playing with there NO CREATURES. EVER.10/10
Corpse Cur: Ehh... Might be useful if you're really being destroyed... Bring a creature with infect from the grave to your hand. 6/10
Ichor Rats: Poison counters for everyone! This is pretty much crap in 1 on 1, but could provide some stress and hilarity in a multiway, slowly eating away at everyone, including yourself. Can be good if you are the only one rolling Infect, as long as you can get in an extra poison counter on your enemies before hitting yourself 10 times. Gonna have to give this a 4/10, however, as if you ARE rolling Infect, you could likely wipe out your enemies before you actually get to do this.
Myr Battlesphere: 4 Free 1/1 Myr tokens every turn. 10/10
Oxidda Scrapmelter: Destroy an artifact every turn. Recent sets have been artifact-heavy and just begging for a slap. 7/10
Razor Hippogriff: Return an artifact to your hand from the grave every turn, and gain the artifact's converted mana cost in life. This is damn great if you roll an artifact deck. 10/10
Skinrender: Three -1/-1's on target creature every turn. Can hurt pretty bad. 8/10
Volition Reins: Instead of having it a One Time Use, you can now re-use it so long as you can exile it on time before a creature is destroyed. 7/10

Oh, gonna throw in some extra cards from other sets that may benefit greatly in some way or another.
Bogardan Hellkite: 5 Damage divided any way you want between creatures and/or players every turn. 10/10
Aether Charge: Have this out when you're replaying a beast for 4 damage each turn. 9.5/10
Where Ancients Tread: This is pretty much Aether charge, but for 5+ power creatures and for 5 damage each turn. 10/10

Additionally, once a permanent that uses Charge (or similar) counters is out of counters, simply exile and replay it for a recharge.

Yeah, all of this is pretty basic, but hey, I had an idea and decided I would write this.

Know a great possibility? Comment that shit, I'd love to see it.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

MTG Scars of Mirrodin: Deadspread

Gimmick: Spreading -1/-1 counters to kill creatures.

Pros: The -1/-1 in itself is pretty damn nice, as counters are pretty hard to remove. The deck also features plenty of cards used to add and duplicate the counters. If you happen to get the right hand, the enemy is left pretty much defenseless, leaving you free to rush.

Cons: I just gotta say... This deck isn't the best, there are plenty of cards out there that can turn around and bite your ass with your own mechanics, and this deck really isn't that good on the defensive.
Oh, once again, Blue can fuck this deck right up. Like all decks.

Suggestion: Don't touch this deck. Better options out there.

Quick note: I don't know what I'm talking about. I have no experience with breaking or using -1/-1's as a valid mechanic.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

MTG Scars of Mirrodin: Phyrexian Poison

Using deadly poison counters to kill off your enemies.

Pros: The deck is filled with "Infect" creatures, which deal damage as poison counters. Once a player has 10, they die. With this new ability, killing the enemy is easier and faster, as long as they can't block, and this is even harder if your monsters have Trample. The Plague Stingers make a good start, able to come out after 2 turns and deal some fast infections, even better as it has flying. Heavy Arbalest is a great artifact to play with, allowing you to deal direct damage and Infect counters.

Cons: Really, there isn't a whole lot, except for it's lack in flying defense and blue. (Well, in all reality, what ISN'T nullified by blue?)

Suggestion: Add creature destruction. Maybe some Canopy Covers as well.