Tuesday, October 12, 2010

MTG Scars of Mirrodin: Phyrexian Poison

Using deadly poison counters to kill off your enemies.

Pros: The deck is filled with "Infect" creatures, which deal damage as poison counters. Once a player has 10, they die. With this new ability, killing the enemy is easier and faster, as long as they can't block, and this is even harder if your monsters have Trample. The Plague Stingers make a good start, able to come out after 2 turns and deal some fast infections, even better as it has flying. Heavy Arbalest is a great artifact to play with, allowing you to deal direct damage and Infect counters.

Cons: Really, there isn't a whole lot, except for it's lack in flying defense and blue. (Well, in all reality, what ISN'T nullified by blue?)

Suggestion: Add creature destruction. Maybe some Canopy Covers as well.


  1. VTES was here; MTG is a loser.

    ~ Love, Some Guy

  2. Never really got into any cardgames, maybe your blog will enlighten me!

  3. hmmm what game is this? never heard of it looks pree legit

  4. It's awesome. you have to create a deck with sufficient land and spell to beat your opponent. It's been around since 1993 so there are thousands of cards and so many effects, its a real deep stategy game.